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Refurbishing the forum

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Refurbishing the forum Empty Refurbishing the forum

Post by ZxC on 4/2/2015, 6:44 pm

After doing some little maintenance with Anonymous and doing some cleaning in this forum, the website forum has been refurbished (not 100% completelly but almost done here) and also i will be more strict than now and i will enforce the rule and i will keep the forum tidy as possible (no more excuses and other crap things).

Other spam, nonsens old threads and post has been deleted completelly while some threads is still in the forum but i will let them, however at this time i will finish with "sweet age" and i will use the counter measures.

*EDIT 1*

Now the groups rank list has been refurbished too and all users registered in the forum and that has their rank has been deleted from the specific group for refurbishement of the forum. Of course for those who want to come back in the community and want his/her rank you will be added automatically to members list too exept if you follow our rules and obey them.

*EDIT 2*

Our first server (Sparta Server) is open but still in some maintenance, with fixing some bugs and configure it.
Of course we will release also other community server but will take some next weeks (depends in our activity) and such.
As for the Port of the server that's changing constantly the problem might be due to VPS that's changing the port randomly even if the mp_hostport is 5001 and this bug is not such a critical one but i will fix it in the future when i will get some info about this.

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