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Image uploading FAQ

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Image uploading FAQ

Post by ZxC on 2/11/2014, 7:13 pm

Here is the thread where contains some FAQ and fix solution if you face some errors or problems while uploading or accesing the service hoster.

Notice: This thread won't give you 100% accurate informations of some errors etc., that mean if you have an error or a problem and you tried to follow all solutions in this thread then i can't exacly help you for that.

Errors and problems FAQ

Q: I got the error that say the image format is inccorect or invalid, what i should do?
A:That mean you uploaded a inccorect format of a image.You must note that (the image hoster service) only accept .jpg,.png and .gif format image files.
Also sometimes this error can happen when the is a bit overloaded.

Q:When i try to upload a image, the uploading procces is taking too much time, what i should do?
A:This can be caused of various reasons:
-Your internet connection speed is slow
-You use download manager programs or downloading some files that consume too much speed of the connection
-The is a bit busy or overloaded for some minutes
-Some conflicts at procces of uploading

To fix that problem try to reload the page again or close the browser or close the download process and/or download proccess manager programs.
If this problem is caused of the (overloaded or busy) try to upload a image next time.

Q: When i try to acces the page or accesing by button, it takes too much time or it gave me "unavailable page", what i should do about this?
A: The usual reasons that is happen, is because the service is overloaded or busy, or there is a conflict error in the HTTP cookies (or simply browser cookie or web cookie).
To fix that problem, you must wait until the service is open and working corectly or you need to delete the HTTP cookies by using a cleaner manager program.
To download a simple and a good cleaner you can download this CCleaner.If you still face problem then you should use the service as a page instead as a button hoster when you replying or making threads, the website is this

Q: When i uploaded a image, the image is so small, what i should do?
A: That mean you used a option resize that resized the image to be too small or the image size is small itself.
To fix that problem, next time, try to use the resize option "For Forums" (default option), to resize the image as a normal size or upload another image with same content but with a normal and a different size.

Q: Where i can get the definitons of the resize options?
A: You can get those definitons by simply clicking How to upload a image tutorial and check the definitons in the below.

To fix the problems of those Qs, you can check and follow those solutions:

-Close the page or reload the page again
-Try to log in again in the SaZ forum
-Close the browser and try again
-Download another browser
-Delete the web cookies (download this program cleaner to do, CCleaner

-If the service is overloaded or busy, try to be patient and wait for some times to open again
-Close the download manager program if you have one and also close the download proccesing that use too much speed connection

Security and Conditionality of using (the image hoster service)

Since the majority of SaZ members use the image hoster for uploading a image, the user can also face some problems about security of the personal images and their identity.
This can happen rarely, but is possible to happen for a user to be hijacked or his images been swaped or used for awful acts.

Q: Is safe?
A: The website and the service is extremely safe and well used.

Q: If i want to upload a image, the images can swapped or used by others without our permission?
A: Technically the logical answer is yes.
They can swap or use the images of others by simply copy its address image link and edit them or for outrageus or funny acts or for awful acts.
Also they can swap and steal them for commercial acts or for catching you, so this is a big responsible for your photos.

Q: How can i delete the images that i hosted?
A: You can simply log in, in the account and you can select some or more images and delete them by clicking delete button.
The deleted images are sent to the Basket(or trash) of the images,so is reccomended to delete also the images of the trash bin.

Q: If i uploaded some wrong photos like (erotic images,violent and outrageous images) can i be punished or those images are deleted automatically?
A:The obviously answer for this question is yes.
The images are deleted automatically if there is for example a erotic or a racist image, and also you can be punished for that or your servimg account will be suspended.

Q: Are the images uploaded visible also in google images or such sites?
A: This depends, if the respective image is used in more sites, forums, blogs, etc. the possibility of visibility of the image can be potential, that mean your images can be also visible in google images.

Q:If i upload a high copyrighted image or a image that can't be uploaded (due to his high security of copyright) can i be punished?
A: The usual answer is yes, you can be punished for that matter if you upload higly copyrighted images or contents that are stricly forbidden and also you can be in trouble with the owner of the image or content.

To check more about the security by using, check this link and read Servimg Terms of Service

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