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How to upload a image?

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How to upload a image?

Post by ZxC on 31/10/2014, 7:29 pm

Here is the tutorial how to upload a image in a thread, reply etc.

The buttons of the images functions

You must consider two buttons important for uploading:

Image hoster button- This is the button that has the hoster image service (
Insert a image button- This button is for inserting the link of the source image

Click to the host image button:

When you clicked it, try to log in your servimg account (if you have one).
If not then create one in or click to "Register" button.

When you logged in, then follow the next step.

Select a image and upload it

Now is time to select a image to upload.

Here you can choose between those:

File- Select a image by choosing a image file in your computer
URL- Select a image by pasting a link of a image in the internet.

Also you can resize the images by the button in the below.
To understand the definitons of those resize functions, you can see in the below:

No- Don't resize the image
Background image- 1024x as resize (the image will be resized like a background).
For Forum- 800x as resize (this is the usual resize function in SaZ forum as in others forums in the internet. This function is a default one, so you will see this button everytime when you want to upload a image).
For Sites- 640x as resize (the image will be resized like in sites, your image will be a little smaller not as a scale, but as a image background itself).
For Blogs- 320x as resize (the image will be resized as in blogs sites, the image will be more smaller but not a smallest one, but depends on the image itself).

When you choosed a file image or url, click Send and wait Servimg to host the image for upload.

Now is time for the next step.

Copy the link source image and past it

When you uploaded a image, the next window will look like this:

Now your image is uploaded but not visible in your thread or reply yet.
So you need to copy the link of source image and paste in the insert image button.

First you need to copy the "Address Image" link.

When you copied the link "Address Image", click to the insert a image button like in the first image in the up where contains the buttons with red circle.

Paste the link in the URL field and click "Insert".

This is the complete tutorial "how to host a image".

Got problems? Try to check and read this thread if you have a error while uploading or accesing the service, Image uploading FAQ

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Re: How to upload a image?

Post by Anonymous :D on 1/11/2014, 3:36 am

dont forget to set the resize to no
Anonymous :D

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